JioPOS Lite App Download – Latest APK [Earn More Cash]

JioPOS Lite app download: We all know that Reliance Jio has become the most popular network in India. It has launched a new app called JioPos Lite and a new program as Geo associate program through which every user gets an opportunity to earn money through the Jio platform.

With the help of this platform, you can become a Jio partner and start earning by recharging your customer’s mobile number. Once you recharge others’ Jio numbers via this platform then you earn money.

Here in this article, I am going to share everything single detail you need to know about this program and how to use the JioPos Lite app on a smartphone. Using this tutorial you can also install the JioPos Lite apk on your smartphone.

What is JioPos Lite?

JioPOS Lite app is launched by Reliance Jio through which any individual can become a Jio partner and start earnings morning by recharging friends family and other Jio customers. It offers their customers to earn Commission when they recharge for any other Jio numbers using JioPos Lite app.


So now Anyone can be a Jio partner and earn money using this app. JioPOS Lite app is similar in function to Jiopos plus which is purely for Jio mobile and recharge shop owners. So you just uninstall Other third-party recharge apps and your JioPos Lite app for recharging Jio numbers.

How can I become a Jio recharge partner?

It is a very simple process to become a Jio recharge partner using this app. Yes, if you want to become a Jio partner then you must install the JioPos Lite app on your smartphone. It does not recover any hard copies of documents to complete the signup process of the JioPos Lite app. With the help of an email ID on your Jio number, you can easily complete the signup process.


There are three different options available to become a Jio partner. Based on your need you wish to select what kind of Jio partners you want to be.

Activation and device partner:

It allows you to do Jio recharge activation and device business.

Activation partner:

you can do Jio customer activation and recharge. If you want to activate this option you need to submit documents like ID proof and address proof like PAN Card Aadhar Card and more.

Recharge partner:

It allows you to do Jio recharge and it does not require any documents.

Select your desired option and generate OTP to fill up the details. Once you enter your OTP then it will immediately complete the signup process and you will be a Geo partner.

How to earn money with JioPos Lite?

Once you complete the signup process then you need to load money into the wallet found in your profile ID. Now you can do Jio recharge for any Jio customer using the money in the wallet. After recharging your Jio number or other Jio numbers then you can earn money based on commission. The earnings will be added to the dashboard available on your profile ID.

For every recharge with the JioPos Lite app, you can earn a 4.16% commission with respect to the recharge amount.


It is the best opportunity to start earning a decent amount of money by recharging the Jio number using this app. We already tested this method and it works very well. If you have any queries regarding this article free to ask users using the command box section

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