Top 10 Best WWE Wrestler from India

Wrestling is the ancient sports in the world. And this sports is rising and become famous day by day. There are many famous wrestlers in the world. Every country has its own wrestlers. There are many famous wrestlers in India who have beat many famous WWE wrestlers. Today we will see details about the top ten WWE wrestlers of the India.

He has fit body and looks for wrestling. He was the pehlwan of the Indian wrestling. He was born in Punjab. He was so much famous that the people who don’t have interest in wrestling also knows him. He is wrestler become actor. He gives defeat to King Kong of Australia and George Gordienko from Canada. He gets the awards of Rustum-e-Punjab and Rustum-e-Hind just because of his great performance.



He is famous because of his physical appearance. The tall man in the wrestling. He is known as “great Khali” because of his performance. He is the part of the largest wrestling league. His huge body and a tall height make him famous among all hi fans.


He is well-known from the ancient times in wrestling from India. He is the first world champion who won the medal winner from India. It is normally said that he is the first one to get name in the wrestling field. He gets the Arjuna award and he is the first to get this award. He win bronze in lightweight freestyle at 1961 in world champion wrestling.

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He is the first wrestler to win the award of Olympic medal in wrestling. He also wins the bronze medal in 1952. He also gets the Arjuna award by the Indian government.


This man is from Haryana and he is the best players of the wrestling. He won a wide range of medals at the various levels of Asian games and commonwealth. The amazing fact about him is that he started his training at the age of eight and gone through different experiences. He won the Bronze medal in the year 2012 Olympics and 60 kg freestyle category.


He is one of the known and versatile wrestler of now a days. He is only 29 years old. His performance is very well. He is inspired by his cousin and started his career with not very well facilitated environment. He won two gold medals at commonwealth championship and gold medal in Beijing Olympic 2008.


He is very well-known in heavy weight lifting. He won gold medal in 1952 in Indian Olympics games. He is famous for his feet’s. He breaks iron chains in a puff. He is the first Indian to win the title of Mr. Asia.

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He is the legend of the old times. He is as old that most of us were not born at that time. His real name was Ghulam Muhammad but he was known as the great Gama. He was born in 1880. He was and still known as Lion of Punjab. He can trapped down a heavy weight lifter in minutes.


He is also famous wrestler of the India and the first Asian one to won the world light heavyweight championship in United States in 1921. He is also a fit boxer and defeated many of the boxers of his time. He defeated Jimmy Esson, the Scotch Giant and then the other world light heavyweight championship Ad Santel. He has his own style and he also introduced his techniques known as dhonka, tibbi, gadhanet, dhak, tang, pat, dhobiya pat and kulla and later his techniques become style of wrestling in India.


He is the three times winner of the Indian Kesari award and now he will show his power in WWE.

All these wrestlers gives fun and proud to their nation. These are the legends of their nation. Their contribution in the name of wrestling can’t be ignored.

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