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TSRTC Bus Booking Online Registration. TSRTC i.e. Telangana State Road Transport Corporation covers a wide range of south east Indian part through their numerous bus services. Best part that I live about TSRTC is their online integration. They have worked well to provide all essential online booking related queries on their web portal, which means you don’t need to leave you home and stand in huge queues for various routine tasks. Simply login to TSRTC portal, check out for offers (if you want) and reserve/book your ticket. This is the comfort level you get with TSRTC. Coming to the quality aspect then let me assure you about their quality. I have used several other state corporate bus transport gateways and believe me TSRTC is one of the best that I have found so far.

Here we will see simple things about registering and logging in with TSRTC web portal.

TSRTC Registration

First thing you need to do is to register yourself with TSRTC online portal. Please follow below guide to get yourself registered with TSRTC.

• Visit TSRTC Registration link from here

• You will get a page as shown in below image. Please note that it is best viewed at 1024 x 768 resolution with Internet Explorer 7.0 or Mozila Firefox 3.5 and higher

• This page will ask you for your basic details like your desired user name, mobile number (please put in your correct mobile number here as it will be used for several other tasks while using almost all TSRTC online services). You will need to fill in some other details like persona details, contact information etc.

• Once you submit all the details, please hit the register button. In some cases you will get confirmation on your registered mobile number. You will even need to verify your phone number so please be truthful with this part.


Once you have registered your account with TSRTC, next step is to login to it and start using various online services that TSRTC offers to registered users.

You can do TSRTC Login by using this link. This page will look like one shown below:

You can login here by submitting your user name and password details. Username must be your registered email and password will be one that you entered during registration part. This screen is too viewed best at screen settings that we have mentioned earlier.

Once you are inside the TSRTC portal with your registered credentials, you can use below services.

TSRTC is among the major transport union in entire nation. TSRTC is known for providing world class facilities like Airavat and high end online operations like online booking, online discounts etc. Here we will discuss about the required documents that you need to have while registering online ticket with TSRTC.

Documents for TSRTC Journey

Documents required for TSRTC Online Registration

Any sort of registration requires you to provide basic proofs like identity/residence proof/electricity bill etc. You might need to produce these documents during offline verification. Besides this you also need to have online banking facility available on your account so that you can complete all the transactions online.

Below are the of documents that you can submit as part of your identity/residence address proof:

• Ration Card
• Voter Card
• Aadhar Card
• Electricity Bill
• PAN Card
• Etc

This is a common set of documents that most of the Indians have. Among all these cards, Ration Card is very popular and covers almost each house in the country. With the revolution like online ration card you can now carry digital copy of ration card alongside and can show as your identity proof anytime.

Voter Card and Aadhar card are also among the documents that you are supposed to carry almost all the time. Please make it a habit to carry at least one such ID card alongside so that every sort of emergency situation can be tackled.

How to book TSRTC bus online
We have already covered in depth articles about this topic. However please have a look at below video that will describe the entire process step by step again:

TSRTC covers almost all the possible regions in southern India. I would advise you to use luxury services like TSRTC Airavat during your night journey or when you are traveling long distance with TSRTC. These buses are loaded with ample amount of facilities that will never let you see down in terms of facilities.

So these are the basic documents that you need to carry while travelling in any TSRTC bus. Please do let us know if you have any doubts regarding the same.

Tsrtc is a big player in India’s Transport world. Tsrtc runs one of the biggest networks of buses that cover entire parts of southern region. When it comes to comfort and class then Tsrtc is none to second and provides high class services to travellers. Tsrtc operates different type of buses ranging from ordinary to very luxury/high class buses. Tsrtc Airavat is one such service from Tsrtc which is known for its high class factor and high end facilities.

Here I will be guiding you with the step by step tutorial about how to book Tsrtc Airavat Buses online. But first let we talk a little about Airavat buses of Tsrtc.

Tsrtc Airavat Buses Feature
Airavat buses are loaded with high class features that provide great experience to travellers. Designers have made sure that they club all the required comforts within Airavat so that passenger’s experience can be made world class so that they choose Airavat again and again. Some of the features include:

• Air suspension on all the 4 wheels that makes journey very comfortable. Right now Tsrtc is using 4 full air suspensions which doesn’t let you experience any potholes in your journey.

• Each bus comes with 45 comfortable seats that are designed by keeping ergonomic in mind. They are super comfortable and ergonomically safe. All seats are reclining ones that gives you the option to adjust your position.

• For entertainment purpose, one LCD TV is installed inside every bus.

• There is something special on safety end also. 4 emergency exits are there in each Airavat bus. One additional exit door is also clubbed on the right side of the bus that can be used in various emergency cases. It adds extra layer of safety to all the travellers.

• Window glass gives clear view which is a big plus for travellers like me who loves exploring outside things while travelling. Tsrtc has used light green tinted toughened glass that performs well on safety aspects as well.

• Mobile and laptop chargers are embedded for each seat (I mean each passenger).

• Front panel of the bus s modified in a way to improve the viewing pan of bus driver and at the same time it adds beauty to the overall gloss.

• 10 Cu Meter luggage space is given under every seat.

• Speed control is integrated to computer systems.

• CRDI Ignition System is also clubbed.

So these are some of the features that will compel you to choose Tsrtc Airavat every time you plan to travel long wit Tsrtc.

Book Tsrtc Airavat Buses
Tsrtc Airavat Booking procedure is similar to one we have covered earlier (we have covered the step by step tutorial for ordinary buses). Just make sure to choose Airavat buses when screen pops down for choosing the bus type. Please do let me know if you are not clear with anything here.

Check the tutorial: How to book Tsrtc Buses Online

Same tutorial can be used for Airavat buses but as I said above, you will have to choose Airavat buses (subjected to availability). In the above tutorial, you will get the option to choose Airavat in 5th step.

Tsrtc is one of biggest Transport organization in India. Tsrtc offers full online integration with popular services like ticket booking, ticket cancellations etc. In all Tsrtc has launched all possible tools that can help you survive completely through online tools/sources only. If you need clarification on any of the Tsrtc online tool then please reach out to us using contact button.

Here I will be sharing some best ways that can help you find Tsrtc online booking offers. Tsrtc has partnered with several third party vendors like RedBus, Yatra etc which gives attractive offers time to time. Not only this, Tsrtc itself comes with attractive offers sometimes (although it is very rare and limited to festive seasons and special occasions only).

Where to find Tsrtc Online Booking Offers
As I said earlier you can find Tsrtc Offers through third party vendors or directly on the Tsrtc portal. Chances of getting direct offers are very limited but please make sure to check this link as it will populate all latest news, offers directly from Tsrtc officials. If you are lucky enough then you will find some offers at above link but in case no offers are there (which will happen in most of the cases) then no need to worry. You can find attractive offers at some vendor’s portal/apps also.

If you own an Android device then download official website of third party vendors like RedBus or Yatra. Complete your registration with them (including email verification). Once you are done with it go and checkout their offers wall. For first time users they will always have some offers (some % discount or cash back above particular amount). Use it properly and book your Tsrtc ticket at discounted rate.

In case you don’t use Android device but have PC/Laptop then you can also use above apps for discount. To do so, install Blue Stack app on your PC/Laptop. Verify your number and download any of the above app. Rest procedure is similar to any smartphone. Blue Stack will act as Android simulator that will convert your laptop into smartphone. If you need help on this part then please let us know. We will come up with separate guide about the same.

So these are some popular ways of getting discounts on Tsrtc online booking. I am sure there will be something for offline users as well. Please visit your nearby offline Tsrtc ticket counter to get more information on it.

FAQ: TSRTC Tickets Cancellation (Online/Offline)

Want to cancel TSRTC ticket online? Don’t worry here we are with full details about how to cancel TSRTC Online Tickets in minutes. Till now we have coved several topics like how to book TSRTC ticket online, buses between stations etc, now it’s time for next step. TSRTC allows you to cancel every type of ticket that you book with them (from various types like online/offline platforms). I will be discussing about each of them here.

How to cancel TSRTC Online Tickets

For online tickets, you will have to use www.TSRTC.in website online. I mean you can cancel online tickets through online website only. You won’t be able to cancel online tickets on TSRTC counters (you can try but they will not consider you request in most of the cases).
You can cancel online tickets till trip sheet is generated or two hours before the bus departure. If trip sheet is generated before 2 hours then you will not be able to cancel your ticket. For cancelling your ticket you will have to login to TSRTC and then cancel your ticket with usual options there.

How to cancel TSRTC offline tickets

Offline include TSRTC counters, franchisee counters, master franchisee counter websites. Same rule applies here as well i.e. you will be able to cancel the ticket prior trip sheet generation or two hours before the departure (whichever is earlier).

Tickets that you have booked on counters can be cancelled on respective counters only (if you have booked ticket with TSRTC counter then it can be cancelled at TSRTC counter only and in case you have used some franchisee’s counter then that will be cancelled at that respective counter only). In case of franchisee website, ticket can be cancelled through franchisee’s website only (not through TSRTC website).

Cancellation Refund

Up to 72 hours before departure: 10% of basic fee will be deducted
Between 72-24 hours: 25% of the amount will be deducted
Between 24-2 hours: 50% will be deducted
2 hours-departure time: No refund and you will not be able to cancel your ticket then

So these are all the clause that you need to remember while cancelling TSRTC online ticket. Please make sure to go with cancellation well before 72 hours s that will suit your pocket the best. More the delay you will do to cancel the ticket more amount will be deducted from your amount.

Reservation fee is non-refundable. Some fees like bridge fee, user fee, toll fee, entry fee etc are completely refundable and you don’t need to worry at that time. Go for reservation only when you are 100% assured with your travel.

More details can be found here. Just let me know if you need our assistance.

TSRTC Students Bus Pass Apply Online Free

Book TSRTC Passes, Concession details
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I know you are now tired of taking those usual bus tickets every times you board a bus. If you are a daily passenger then I will advise you to go with monthly KSRC bus passes which will save your money as well as your times. If you are not a frequent passenger then you can continue with normal daily tickets or better you compare price of both your daily tickets and monthly passes and go with the one that suits your pocket in a better way. Here I will be guiding you with how to book TSRTC Buses Pass online (be it daily or monthly).

How to Book TSRTC Bus Passes

TSRTC has provided passes and concession details on their official website www.TSRTC.in You can anytime visit official website to get complete details about monthly/daily passes, schemes, concessions and various plans. I will simply show some light on various plans that are active with TSRTC on Pass part.

• Free travel for MLA’s and X-MLA’s
• Free travel for Accredited Journalist also
• 25% concession for senior citizens in Rajahamsa and lower class and lower category buses. No concession in Volvo, sleeper and other premium services
• Student can avail discounts in range 70-80% in various plans
• For freedom fighters free travel is allowed in Rajahamsa and below class of services. If age of freedom fighter is more than 75 then free travel service will be given to one companion
• For blind people, free travel is there in Ordinary and Express class of services

There is daily pass service in Mysore, Mandya city. I am naming various passes that are currently active with TSRTC here, you can complete details by visiting the official site. So the names are:

• Monthly Season Pass
• Monthly Season Pass in Moffusil Service
• TSRTC/BMTC Integrated Pass (Daily Pass)
• Monthly Pass- Hassan
• Monthly Pass- Davangere
• Monthly Pass- Tumkur
• Student Concession Bus Pass

These are all the passes that you can book at any online/offline TSRTC office. If you need more detail on that part then please let us know. We will come up with one tutorial on how to book online/offline pass with TSRTC then.

TSRTC use to change concessions, pass values on regular intervals so please make sure to check official website before going with pass reservation/booking or something of similar sort.

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